Cabin Crew Information for South Africa

Local Airlines in South Africa

SAA, Mango, SA Express, Airlink, Comair/Kulula.
Most of the larger local airlines recruit cabin crew directly via the newspapers and their websites from time to time. The smaller companies recruit via word of mouth.

Overseas Airlines employing South African Cabin Crew:

  Gulf Air Apply online
Qatar Airways Attend Open Day - held regularly in South Africa
Emirates Apply online and await invitation to local Assessment Day
Etihad Apply online

Cabin Crew Training (Classroom)

There is currently a special on Cabin Crew training at a significant reduction. Please contact us for more about the special.
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There are numerous aviation training institutes, contact us for more details.
We offer a discount voucher if you choose to study at one of our preferred Training Schools
A Cabin Crew licence is NOT a job guarantee.

We also offer an introductory cabin crew workshop to get you started and prepare you for interviews. This now also includes an optional additional day on grooming.

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Cabin Crew Training (Online)  

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Web addresses:

The following pages and sites provide additional general information about the career of cabin crew and how cabin crew are recruited:   

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There are an increasing number of websites which claim to be able to get you a job as Cabin Crew. They usually will ask you to pay a registration or subscription fee. We urge you to fully investigate these companies before you hand over any money. Signs that the company may not be trustworthy include : no landline number, no physical address, and claims that they have relationships with airlines. Ask the "agency" for references of candidates for whom they have found positions. We have had a number of complaints from candidates who have paid over money and have had no feedback. As a general rule, airlines in South Africa never utilise "recruitment agencies" for Cabin Crew.


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